Nov 21, 2021

Please be courteous!

Post by 
Mr. Abdul Haleem

We are working hard to resume normal pre-pandemic levels of service for routine check-ups.

Because our dental practice is a healthcare setting, we have had to open gradually with care subject to strict standard operating procedures to prevent the potential of spread ofCovid-19.

These have included use of suitable PPE, extra cleaning, social distancing measures (still currently at 1mfor dental practices) and allowing fallow times following ‘aerosol generating procedures’ ie whenever we have to ‘drill’ or scale.

This has meant that we have to prioritise our day towards treating emergencies whilst balancing this with completing outstanding treatment for those treated on a temporary basis during the ongoing pandemic.

A regrettable consequence of these challenges has been a delay in providing routine check-ups alongside any treatment identified as part of those rescheduled exams. However, we are working our way through the backlog steadily and surely.


Unfortunately, we have had a few patients who have been verbally aggressive with my staff if they have not been able to get the ideal appointment time to suit them or have been unable to get their check-ups as soon as they would like.

As explained above, we are working in difficult times, under difficult conditions and are trying our utmost to get back to normal.

We are here to help but I will not tolerate abuse of my team who are trying their best to help.

To the overwhelming majority of you that have been completely understanding and supportive, I thank you again on behalf of my Team and I.

We are here to help to and will continue to do so.


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