May 7, 2022

May 2022 update

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Mr. Abdul Haleem

May 2022 update

As we progress out of the pandemic, the guidance for healthcare has been somewhat relaxed which is great news for you and us.

In light of this,  we have accelerated the contact with those of you that haven’t had a checkup in a while.

As you may be aware from a previous post, Simon has reduced his days at the practice; for more info click here

Paul joins us with over 32 years of experience and is a very welcome addition to the team.

In light of Simon’s reduced days, we will be asking some of you to transfer your care to Paul so we can ensure you receive your care as quickly as possible. Please help us do this.

We have also started contacting those of you who expressed a desire to join the practice over the last few years; thanks for your patience over the pandemic.

We still have a large backlog to clear, with appointment times taking longer, so please continue to be patient with us so we can deliver the safest and best care for you.

As ever, if you have any problems or are concerned about lumps, bumps or swellings in your mouth, get in contact with us on 0141-889 2016.

Best wishes,

Abdul & The Team

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