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Latest News

Silver Anniversary For Georgina

Friday, October 30, 2020

A silver anniversary celebration!
In the midst of these unprecedented times, we had the chance to switch off for a while and enjoy celebrating 25 years at the practice for Georgina, our senior dental nurse. Although senior in stature we reckon she started when she was only 12....we reckon someone many years ago was breaking the law around child labour!🤫
Unable to have our usual celebrations, we had to settle for a socially distanced celebration with the team dropping in at stages during the day. We did the best we could with balloons, cake and lots of bad stuff for your teeth!
Balloons were made by a Nicola who worked for us ..check her Instagram at @HoneyLove_Balloons and the cake was made by Cheryl who is a current team member........check out her Instagram @hausofcakery.
Georgina, thanks for all your efforts over the years for the practice and our patients and a personal thanks for having put up with me!
Abdul x