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Latest News

Oral Cancer and regular dental visits

Monday, April 17, 2017

As regular patients of the practice know, we don't just give you a "check-up" for your teeth.

One of the first things we do is to screen for any unusual signs around the head and neck and in the mouth for oral cancer.

When I qualified in 1990, I was told to expect to see 1 oral cancer in my practicing lifetime. Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) I have seen 8 in the last 27 years. I also suspected something unusual recently in relation to a regular patient whom I've been seeing for nearly 20 years. We had her fast-tracked for investigation and she sent in a lovely "Thank You" card and letter and agreed to let the content be shared:

"I didn't want to phone and disturb you when you are working but wanted to update you on the outcome of your discovery!!

As you know, I had the CT scan, ultrasound and biopsy.............I had half my thyroid gland with the tumour inside it removed.......brilliant news after what felt like a long and stressful wait. I am doing fine now and just getting life back to normal......I have a very neat scar but sure it will fade in time. I would like to thank you again for finding this horrible growth and assisting me in getting treatment as quickly as possible. I really am very grateful.

Many thanks,


 Having seen her recently, I can vouch for the fact that the scar is indeed fading fast! Excellent news all round!