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Latest News

July 2021 update

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Hope all is well and you've managed to get your vaccinations easily and without too many side effects. 

We continue to see patients with problems and also undertake examinations and check-ups as we go along. 

Although restrictions are relaxing elsewhere, we are still having to work to Scottish Government guidance which means we still cannot see as many patients as we would like. This is mainly due to the fallow time we have to leave after any treatment that creates an 'aerosol'.

In effect this means that our surgeries can only be used for half of the usual time, pre-pandemic.

However, we are making slow and steady progress with the backlog and thank you again for your co-operation and understanding. 

As before, if you are having any pain, problems, unexplained swellings or ulcers that do not heal within 7-10 days, please phone us on 0141-889 2016. 

As I have reiterated regularly since the start of the pandemic, we are ready to help so please get in touch. Thanks again. 

Abdul and The Team