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Latest News

1 year post lockdown

Thursday, March 25, 2021

1 year post Covid
Although the lockdown anniversary was a few days ago, OUR anniversary started 1 year ago...the 25th of March 2020.
I remember that sad day as I locked the doors on the way out with no idea of when/if we would open again and in what state. Coming into the practice during that first lockdown was depressing and distressing and it felt like an abandoned, unwanted home. Many times I left wondering what the future held for my team at the practice.
Its been a tough year, and no doubt will continue to be tough as as we move forward.
However look at how things have changed...we've got vaccines, we're seeing you, our loyal patients(albeit not as many as we would like to!) and helping you out. We're all coming out the other end, slowly but strongly.
Let's stay patient, keep looking after each other and most importantly keep safe and well...and it'll all work out.
CD is still standing and remains here to help. Thanks for your support and understanding over the year ☺️